Architecture Fringe 2017 - Project Submission
Deadline: 12 noon on Monday 1 May 2017
Please complete all fields as necessary for your projects and provide an image or images (max. 5) to accompany the project information.

Go to to see FAQs with general information, and  guidelines and advice on images. (Please include the image credit).
Project name: *

Team members: *

Project description in one sentence: *

Project description in 100 words or less: *

Project Images: Please email project images to - clearly labelled with the name of the project that they're part of.

Full address of venue or meeting place including postcode: *

Date(s) within July 2017: *

Time(s): *

Link to ticketing page if applicable:

Project website if applicable:

Project twitter handle and hashtags if applicable:

Any other relevant links to videos, films, blogs etc:

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