Architecture Fringe 2018 - Open Programme Submission
Deadline: 12 noon Monday 9th April 2018
Welcome to the Architecture Fringe 2018. Please complete all information fields for your submission in accordance with the guidance, guidelines and FAQs available via our website

Thank you for joining us!
Project name: *

the public-facing name of your work, project, exhibition, talk, happening etc which will appear in the programme listings.

Team members: *

the full name or names of all members in your project team.
Project description in one sentence: *

a succinct, interesting description of your project for the programme listings.
Project description in 100 words or less: *

a developed description of your project to inspire an audience for the programme listings.
Full address of your project venue or meeting place including postcode: *

it's crucial that your audience can find you..
Date(s) within June 2018: *

the Architecture Fringe 2018 runs 09-24 June 2018 - all submissions for the open programme must take place on or within these dates.
Time(s): *

please confirm the time or times of your project - if your project takes place across multiple dates please confirm the times for each day.
Tickets: link to ticketing page if applicable:

if your project is ticketed please provide the public-facing web link.
Tickets: ticketing price(s)

if your project is ticketed please confirm the type(s) and price(s) of your tickets, e.g. £10 / £5 conc. / £1 unwaged. if free please type FREE
Project Facebook page if applicable:

if your project has a Facebook page or Facebook event page please tell us.
Project website if applicable:

Project Twitter handle(s) if applicable:

if you or your project has a Twitter handle please tell us.
Project Instagram handle(s) if applicable:

if you or your project has an Instagram handle please tell us.
Project hashtag(s) if applicable:

if your project has a hashtag please tell us.
Links to any other relevant videos, films, blogs etc if applicable:

please don't be shy! - let us know more about you and your work.
Project images: please answer YES to confirm that these have been sent in accordance with our requirements *

High quality eye-catching project images or artwork are crucial in attracting an audience. Images or artwork submitted for the open programme can include photography, collage or illustration. Please provide an image or images (max. 5) to accompany the project information to the following specification and file labelling:

Longside 2100 pixels @ 300dpi OR Longside 180mm @ 300 dpi

ProjectName_Number_Credit e.g. 
TestUnit_01_Credit Susan Jones

Images should be sent via WeTransfer, DropBox or email to 
That's it - well done!

Confirmation that your project has been accepted onto the Architecture Fringe 2018 Open Programme will be given by Monday 16 April 2018.

Thank you for your submission!

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